Account Questions:

Yes. Register with is completely free of charge.
We don't allow anybody manage more than one account. We may disable all of your accounts if we find.
In order to open an account you only need to have an active e-mail address(Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo mail are recommended). Switch to Register Page and fill in the require fields. It will take less than a minute.

Investment Questions:

Just register and create one or several deposits within one or several investment plans. After that you will be receiving profits according to the conditions of the investment plan you choose.
Your account will be updated as fast as you send a payment.
Never, your deposit will work forever and bring you a daily profit. You cannot withdraw it.
No commission for depoist amount but we have low withdrawal fee amount of 0.00020000.

Withdrawal Questions:

No, profits are gathered on your account and you can withdraw them any time.
You can deposit Minimum 0.001 BTC and Maximum 100 BTC. You can withdraw any amount not less than 0.0005 BTC and maximum withdraw is Unlimited.
Login to your account using your username and password and check the Withdraw section.
All withdrawals will be finished and paid instantly.

Affiliate Program Questions:

No, recommending yourself is deemed as a kind of cheating and extremely forbidden in our referral program. You will not get any commission orbonus by recommending yourself. Besides, we may suspend your accounts.
The referral commission will be paid to your account balance as soon as your referral processes his deposit, you can withdraw your referral commission any time you want.

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